Tim Fulton  00:08

Welcome to the confluence cast presented by Columbus underground. We are a weekly Columbus centric podcast focusing on the civics, lifestyle, entertainment, and people of our city. I’m your host, Tim Fulton. This week. Not all art is created for an audience. Sometimes it’s made for the artist. That’s true for William mount, the host and producer of the music podcast the sounds of bus town. Today, we’re unpacking a decade of stories, sounds and the shifting sands of the Columbus music and podcast scenes. We’ll explore the challenges of keeping a podcast fresh and engaging through life’s up and downs, the importance of authenticity, and how to keep the creative fires burning. You can get more information on what we discussed today in the show notes for this episode at the confluence cass.com. Enjoy the interview. Sitting down here with William mouth, the host and producer of sounds Abbas town, a local music podcast, also the proprietor of loud cat podcasts. And also as the Instagram handle sounds of bus town,

William Mount  01:19

bus downtown bus. I was gonna go into the whole detail about it, but you started over so

Tim Fulton  01:26

you reached out to me. I don’t know a couple of weeks ago and said, Hey, I want to come on the confluence cast. I’m going to wind down this podcast. I didn’t ask anything about it. I was like your friend. Yeah, come on. In the pre record, yeah. Today, I was like, oh, so what are you stopping? And you’re like, oh, February of next year? Yes. And I’m like, Oh, all right. Well, we’ll get into this. It’s a bit of a so give us the the elevator version of that. I started doing this thing. It was this long ago. Yeah. Okay.

William Mount  02:01

I started the sounds of bus town in 20. We started in 2014 had a co host at the time he moved Chicago in 2017. I took it over myself okay. And been rolling been rolling solo every now or ever since. Get a guest hosted in there every now and then been pretty fun. Made it through the pandemic. release an episode every two weeks haven’t missed a beat. Okay, so even made it through the night we switched zoom recordings. And yep, you know, we still made it work. I didn’t want the podcast to die during the pandemic. It was one of those things where I’m like, Well, I’m gonna keep I need to keep pushing ahead. I wanted to go out, but we’ll

Tim Fulton  02:36

keep your world normal. Yes. Okay.

William Mount  02:38

I pretty much I wanted to go out on my terms. And so this is what I’m kind of doing now. I’m approaching the 10 year anniversary of it. I thought 10 is a great number for me to exit, right? It’s a good snapshot of the music scene in Columbus. There’s been so many bands that I’ve got to talk to over the years. But also I realized I don’t have the energy anymore to go to all the shows like I used to and you know, just do do the investigating poor portion of I need new bands for the show. To reach out to and stuff like that. Now a lot of people reach out to me, which has been nice. Yeah. But like, I don’t have I don’t have any extra time to be like, Okay, I need to I need to, like take matters in my own hands and search for a guest right now. And it gets kind of dicey sometimes.

Tim Fulton  03:24

Okay, why did you start doing it?

William Mount  03:27

I wanted to be able to interview my favorite band. Okay. Well, you were doing other podcasts. Yeah. I’ve been doing other podcasts since 2011. Okay. This is one where I was running. I was I was going to a concert and it was 2014. And I was like, Man, I’d love to interview this band, that band that famously he’s never gave interviews. Okay, well, that will never happen. I was like, but I know, buddy of mine in the local music scene. I could just do it on a local level. Now. It’d be cool. It’d be like a nice snapshot. And I was like, plus people would send me music. Okay, as I was looking for free music. Yeah,

Tim Fulton  04:01

time I can get credential exactly right.

William Mount  04:05

So I reached out to my friend Jake Huff settler who was the lead singer of the Scotch shank redemption. Okay. Scott band around Columbus time.

Tim Fulton  04:11

I’m familiar. Yeah.

William Mount  04:12

I forget the name discussion, redemption. And he was down to do it. And he was the he was pretty much the host of it. I was the producer. Okay, so it was that thing where I would chime in every now and then and maybe try to keep people on track? If if it got you know, Yeah, crazy in the conversation. Okay. But for the most part, he was the one he knew all the bands. He knew everybody. He was the social butterfly of it. Yeah. When he left in 2017 That was where I had to be like, can I be the guy who talks to people and I just kind of fell right into it. It was a couple nervous episodes, which you could probably hear as soon as he’s gone was just me by myself. But yeah, I made it work.

Tim Fulton  04:49

So what for those that haven’t heard it? Yeah, talks through like what the episode looks like like what the format

William Mount  04:56

is the format has been the same throughout the The show I play for four tracks generally, as long as I have four tracks, sometimes artists don’t even have songs recorded, talk to him. Every now and then there’s no music, but for the most part, I split up four tracks between the conversation. And I don’t call it an interview because it’s it really is. Wherever the conversation goes, that goes, I don’t I tried to get their plugs in. Yeah. And outside of that. It’s just like, whatever we

Tim Fulton  05:21

want it because they, I imagine tend to have interest in promoting a show or they have an

William Mount  05:26

album coming out. Yeah, EP all that stuff. So it’s been, it’s easy to you can I can get through 45 minutes with anybody anymore. No problem. And it’s like, do I want to keep bullshitting with him? Oh, can I curse on this? Yeah. podcaster faux pa one. Yeah. It’s fine. Just didn’t remember the mayor cursing on this. So it wasn’t for sure. Well,

Tim Fulton  05:49

the President of city council Sure. Did. Hell yeah. Yeah.

William Mount  05:54

All right. Cool. Yeah. Oh, good. So it’s just one of those things where, you know, I just chat with somebody about it’s super, it’s super, as you know, super easy to chat with somebody about their passion. Yeah, they’re fired up about the thing that they sometimes

Tim Fulton  06:07

it’s not, but like, it depends. For the

William Mount  06:11

people that are superduper passionate about stuff and have something to promote. Yeah, I would say because yeah, we people get nervous. People get nervous. Right. And we’ve definitely had people on that didn’t. It was like pulling teeth to get stuff. Yep. And that happens. But for the most part, that’s that’s a few and far between.

Tim Fulton  06:30

What do you do with those?

William Mount  06:31

We just ended early.

Tim Fulton  06:34

Do you still air them? Oh, yeah, for sure.

William Mount  06:36

So I don’t baby. No, no, no,

Tim Fulton  06:38

I’ve had to, I won’t say who they are. But I’ve had two people who what was super surprising to me is before the turn the mic on? Yeah, they were like, gregarious and interesting, and all this stuff. And as soon as it was like, hey, sitting down here with blah, blah, blah, they were like, well, this is how it’s like, oh, I think you got to the final exam, and you’re just choked.

William Mount  07:05

I think once you get to some people who aren’t used to it, we interview different people, I see people who record themselves for fun, right? So there’s already an art form that are you know, they’re doing live performances, they’re not afraid of people live, they might be afraid of people’s judgments. But like they don’t care in the moment, they’re they’re talking about their album or the show that’s coming up or you know, show they played something or other. I feel like your lineup of guests might be more so like, everybody’s a professional what they’re doing, right? It gets it gets a little dicey if they’re able to talk to, yes, just you

Tim Fulton  07:38

or they’re not used to being in a microphone or like a puppet. Like not only are they recording themselves for fun, they are performers, right? Like that’s, that’s what it is. So you really you keep the conversation free flowing it, I imagine there’s some amount of like, tell me about your music and tell me about how the band got together. Usually the first

William Mount  07:58

little bit of it, and then we just kind of go from there. I don’t really take notes. And I’ve stopped taking notes. Because for me if I’m trying to find it out organically, like I’m the listener finding it out organically. Yeah. And I don’t want it to sound. I’m not a good actor, everybody. I don’t want it to sound. Exactly. Yeah, that leads me to Yeah, right. So everything. There’s times where I’ll be editing a podcast and be like, Oh, I forgot to ask this. But you know what I mean, I’m listening back to it. But that’s the downside of me not write it down. But also like, I’m not gonna trade that off for I’ll just try to remember if I haven’t back on again, do you? And you do have repeat guests? Oh, yeah. That’s my favorite. Okay. Because when we first started off,

Tim Fulton  08:40

well, especially with that amount of history, right, like you’ve got enough Oh, yeah. Like, what’s different from this time that you were on to last? And what’s influencing your music and that kind of thing? Yeah.

William Mount  08:50

That’s It’s always my favorite when a guest comes back home because one, they had a fun, fun enough time. The first time. That’s all I care about. Validation and validation. And two, they’re still doing it. Yeah. When we first started the podcast, all these bands would start to like, break up and quit and all that stuff like that we were a curse. And that was where Hostettler had to be like, No, dude, that’s just just bands around town. Right? Okay, fair.

Tim Fulton  09:14

So, you’ve got this history with the podcast. And you sort of you basically announced a year ahead of this being on here. This is your nine month notice. To get the word that you did announce a year ahead of time, like hey, I’m gonna go ahead and like this is this was enough. This is all I got. Yeah, was there an additional reason other than, like, you said, you know, not as much energy to like, go to shows and like, I just, we’re all we’re all aging. I’m

William Mount  09:46

feeling it, but okay. I just want to go to the movies and eat popcorn now. That’s pretty much all I do. So it was me trying to give people a heads up because I know a lot of people that do listen to the podcast or musicians around town Yeah, and it’s one of those things where it is a tool for that. I’m happy. I don’t make music. I can’t create music. I was never good at that. But I can lend a hand. So that to me was always like a fun thing where I’m like getting to help somebody promote something. So me saying, I have one year left of this, I wanted to kind of put it in people’s ears. Like if you have something coming up this year, right? And you want to be on the show. This is it.

Tim Fulton  10:21

Yeah. So talk to me about your production schedule. Like are you? How many episodes are in because you release every two weeks? religiously? How many? Like how many are in the can right now? Zero. Okay.

William Mount  10:37

So we get a little hairy on Okay, Lisa, sometimes and do you? I used to have like six on the cam. Okay. That’s why it was like, the bumpers on the show started because we record it so far out that they had to be like, Okay, your episodes coming out in two weeks. What do you got? That is news, since we’ve talked about it got a lot of times now. It’s like I record on a Tuesday. And I’m like, this will be out Friday. If there’s anything you want. You just tell me

Tim Fulton  11:00

what you’re just I imagine you’re not super heavy handed in your editing. No,

William Mount  11:06

I just make sure everything sounds clean. And you know if there’s an edit, it’s a clean edit. Yeah. And then make sure I dropped the tracks and all that stuff. Sounds even and then it’s export. Yeah, pretty much. Yeah, I love editing. That’s a weird thing of it. Okay, I did make the announcement that like if somebody wanted to take it over, have at it. Like, I’ll set them up and like, tell them everything they need to get. And I have made the caveat. I was like, I could probably still edit honestly. Like,

Tim Fulton  11:32

I don’t mind that.

William Mount  11:33

I don’t mind that part of it. Yeah, it’s the getting out and going down and talking to people and the just the whole

Tim Fulton  11:39

Well, it’s scheduling. It’s a whole nother job. It’s basically the job of being a journalist. Yeah. So we met Yeah. Doing the what was it first? The Columbus podcast festival? Yes. And then became pod fest Midwest. Yes. Fantastic. So

William Mount  11:58

get still getting likes on Facebook out and that fear? Oh, I didn’t know. Yeah, it still every now and then you’ll get to like, Okay, I’ll be like, okay. Yeah.

Tim Fulton  12:08

Talk about like what you see as unique or interesting, or what people don’t know about the Columbus podcast scene.

William Mount  12:17

There’s a little something for everybody out there. And like when I first started doing it back in 2011. I mean, I didn’t know what I was doing. But I didn’t know that many people that did it that way until about 2016 ish, a year before we did the podcast festival that I really like, knew of other podcasts. And then it was just like, Christine had one. Brian had the one like yours. And like there was all this stuff where it was like, oh, meeting all these people. It just felt natural for us. It’d be like, what if we just tried to do a thing or like a live show for it? And it was fun. It was super fun. It was work, a lot of work and a lot of people.

Tim Fulton  12:51

I will say honestly, I don’t there’s nothing wrong with this. Like, it kind of faded because it was like, Well, I can’t do all this. Yeah, no. Yeah. Like, I can do all this, but I’m not going right.

William Mount  13:03

Yeah. My specialty was the recording of everything. So like, really? I mean, I could obviously put input in beforehand, but like outside of that. It was just like, I have all the equipment to record everybody. Right.

Tim Fulton  13:14

But if you know, but it’s the contracts. It’s the venue. It’s the promotion. Yes. The merch it’s solid stuff. Like I still have a tub of hats.

William Mount  13:25

If those bad boys on eBay, see what you can? I

Tim Fulton  13:28

don’t know. I don’t think I would get much. But it was fun. And I do think the we had at that time partnered with the I think they still exist the Columbus podcast award. Yeah. Yep. do their own thing at our festival. They’ve kept that going, which is good. I felt like oh, gosh, if we don’t do this,

William Mount  13:50

they’re gonna be bone. Yeah. They say soldiered on. That was nice. Yeah, that’s good. I had somebody come across them and be like, Hey, you’re on here. Why aren’t you promoting that you’re nominated? And I was like, Well, we were kind of producing the event along with them. And I thought it would feel weird if I write like, also vote for me at

Tim Fulton  14:06

this thing. Yeah. So well, it was a little like, they, I mean, you’ve got to fill your coffers. Right, you’ve got to fill your nominations. And so they would, like, at first they were like, Oh, well people nominate themselves and then it’s like, no, no, we’re just gonna put them on there. And then they’ll show up show up. Right, because they have to when it’s interesting the podcasts that have I’ve never been to that thing. Like it’s interesting to me the podcasts that have sort of like heralded like, Hey, we’re a free time winner and like, they’re not bad podcasts. But

William Mount  14:41

I think if you’re doing a podcast on your own, you take any, any any any phrase that you can get, I got put on a top 10 podcasts like to stream or something like that list a few years ago, I wrote that heifer Park Yeah, yeah. All right, dog.

Tim Fulton  14:59

It’s just It is a little like navel gazing. It feels like podcasts, like podcasts or awards. That is basically the audience is podcast creators which I get it. Yeah, like, it’s just it doesn’t feel like it’s a

William Mount  15:15

doesn’t feel as legit as it should or

Tim Fulton  15:18

like even a best of Columbus category or something like that. Yeah. So well and you are telling me about the other podcasts you do or have done.

William Mount  15:28

So the ones I have done, we can just show them off to the side. One

Tim Fulton  15:33

of them you did with me?

William Mount  15:35

I did. Sorry, I forgot. I

Tim Fulton  15:37

forgot about your I just

William Mount  15:39

a six episode one. I thought it was eight. We did the Tim. Tim outta Tim. Tim,

Tim Fulton  15:47

which was a travel time. Time travel in culture podcast where we talked with four episodes on back to the future. I think we had to be honest. It’s called Tim, because of the license plate and back to the future. And then yeah, like whatever Netflix show was doing time travel at the time.

William Mount  16:06

I still have time travel now. Do you see? Yeah.

Tim Fulton  16:08

I mean, my license plate is at a time out of town. Yeah.

William Mount  16:13

Because you’ve messaged me when you got it. You’re like this is because of you. All right, if I did one thing and this

Tim Fulton  16:20

got a license plate. So what other podcasts Do you work on?

William Mount  16:24

I have one called the max. Okay, Saved by the Bell recap podcast.

Tim Fulton  16:29

I can’t wait. For the rest of them. Can I guess what it is? Absolutely. Because if you the max, I think I would have

William Mount  16:35

Yeah, absolutely. Right. You’re in the age range. Yeah, it makes sense to you. Yes. I will say the cool thing about that is that we got to talk to the head writer, Bennett trainer. Wow. twice now. Okay, we’re friends on Instagram. Okay. And he like comments on my stuff. And like, he’s from Cleveland, Ohio connection, like super cool. Like, we didn’t think we’re gonna get to like, you know, talk to him for like, a half an hour or whatever. Yeah, he talked to us the first time for four hours, I cut two hours out. Wow. He was so generous with his time. And then he talked to us again, like six months later. And it was just us talking about like pivotal one. The first time we talked to him about like his career and stuff like that.

Tim Fulton  17:11

And then the next time he was talking about the Jesse drug episode, it

William Mount  17:14

was actually the focus on the finale. It was like, oh, and we were getting ready to go into the reboot. Okay, but we wanted to talk to him. Oh, it was right before the wedding that we talked to him though.

Tim Fulton  17:27

We did you do the podcast was sequential. Yes. Like a friend of mine does a Madonna podcast. And it’s so each episode is a song is a track. Yeah. And it’s sequentially from when it was released. And so there’s that natural end. Yeah. Or I guess there will cuz she’s still producing. Right there.

William Mount  17:47

It could go on forever.

Tim Fulton  17:48

What does she What do you do if they released like a greatest hits album? Do you go ahead and go back?

William Mount  17:53

Well, or do you just create a say, a new season of it, and then just re release those episodes and then order?

Tim Fulton  17:59

Oh, that would be so easy. Those numbers Yeah,

William Mount  18:02

really say greatest. That’s all you want.

Tim Fulton  18:06

Next podcast. What else are your dreams

William Mount  18:09

and jams?

Tim Fulton  18:09

drams and jams would be a music and is it whiskey specifically for

William Mount  18:16

close? It’s it’s whiskey and fruit spreads. Its dreams with the NES games with a Z.

Tim Fulton  18:26

It is music.

William Mount  18:27

Music. Okay, so we talk about one whiskey per episode and then we pair we pair it with like a music theme theme and then we all bring a song to the table to talk about.

Tim Fulton  18:36

Okay, so have you done any cross collaboration with former Confluence cast guests? Dino Tarapoto has

William Mount  18:42

not yet and he’s definitely on our like, we got to hit him up. Yeah, you do. If you could make that connection for us. They’re happy to Okay, happy to I bring that up just to say we are doing our first live show for James and James. Okay, that sounds of bus town at the rambling house Friday, June 21. Six to 8pm it’s free show. Okay. The sounds of bus town live shows and when I do that I have done since 2018. For live shows. It’s hard to do a live show for a podcast that Yeah. Like an interview or conversation like who wants to just sit there and watch people talk? So I

Tim Fulton  19:14

turned in we did a whole festival

William Mount  19:17

we used we did a festival? Fair. Fair.

Tim Fulton  19:20

We sold a couple we

William Mount  19:22

sold some tickets we did we did all right. Still fun time. Man that day after that first festival Yeah, we went I had the day off from work and I could not move my neck because of how stressed I was the entire time really was like locked up.

Tim Fulton  19:35

I mean, it was like yeah, I just started drinking. Like I was like gonna happen or it’s not Yeah, I can’t control that anymore. Yeah,

William Mount  19:45

this this live show way easier. So the sounds of double bands. No, no. So what I do for the sounds of us on live shows now it’s a game show. And it’s kind of like name that tune. Okay, but I it’s Columbus bands and it’s that have Name That Tune its name, its track names. And so I started out with 10 If I can for every band, and then I give clues to what the band is. And then I basically have a guess say how many bands? Or how many tracks? Can you name this band in? Okay? And it gets it gets into, like the negatives, where they have to give me track names and say like, it’s a good time. Like it’s, I think, the sixth or seventh one that we’re doing this year. Okay. Lisa cave is the current reigning champion that’s coming back to defend her title against Julie ah, and Michael Furman,

Tim Fulton  20:29

as these are musicians, these

William Mount  20:31

aren’t musicians, Lisa cave, works with ever met music. She helps like do booking and show promotions and stuff like that. Okay, real behind the scenes stuff. So

Tim Fulton  20:39

and are you doing episodes on that, too?

William Mount  20:41

I’ve talked to Lisa, she’s been on the show before. All the guests have pretty much been on the show. That’s like my, gonna have him on there.

Tim Fulton  20:49

Well, I guess what I’m asking is this is not just covering musicians that you also cover some business of music, you may talk to a venue. Right?

William Mount  20:58

Yeah, I’ve tried to talk to a lot of people behind the scenes, okay. I’ve tried to get like producer sound engineers and stuff like that on to kind of give their perspective. So I know I’ve got a couple of photographers that I want to talk to you before the show wraps up because yeah, you meet a lot of photographers, when you go to shows because,

Tim Fulton  21:11

well, at this point, what you’ve got, like 17 left, you’re counting down. I know it?

William Mount  21:17

No, I haven’t thought that far ahead. I did tell everybody. I’m like, hey, if the contents there, I’ll release more than one a week of I’ve got it. Okay. It’s trying to be like, I’ll, I’ll push my efforts as much as I can towards this before. Before we drop out. Got it. That’s fair. Um, let’s see the next podcast screen time screen time I do this podcast my wife. This

Tim Fulton  21:36

is going to be a not necessarily all horror, but jumpscare Movie Reviews. It’s

William Mount  21:46

a horror movie. Okay, so

Tim Fulton  21:48

you’re okay, you got it. Okay. Screen time. Screen time.

William Mount  21:52

Yeah, that’s good. So it’s just my wife really likes horror movies, and I didn’t really care for him at the time. Okay, and the only way you really can hang out with me anymore is to do a podcast with me as most people know,

Tim Fulton  22:02

right? Even your wife even.

William Mount  22:04

Listen, I don’t take any special treatment. So no, it’s like we just watch a horror movie and go I have a podcast room in my house. Now we Okay, we just go up there. And I hit record. We talked for maybe 20 minutes about it and then okay, so super, super simple, super chill something something that I can easily have that creation like, oh, I can even if I do wrap up, start wrapping up podcasts and stuff like that. It’s like, I still have this as an outlet to kind of rate get my creation thing out there. What

Tim Fulton  22:33

any other ones that you’re still currently producing.

William Mount  22:37

Then we got sitting with sigh sitting

Tim Fulton  22:39

beside is just like a friend. Yeah, like conversation.

William Mount  22:43

We just did one on underrated movies. Best believe I put Back to the Future three on there. Yeah, underrated. very underrated. Back to the Future three. Okay. Yeah,

Tim Fulton  22:52

fair. Okay. It’s awesome. Yeah. I don’t think it’s underrated. It is.

William Mount  22:57

Of course you love Back to the Future movies. It is in the sense that not enough people talk about that movie, the general slander on Back to the Future three is,

Tim Fulton  23:04

is it the third one is not exactly because it’s the old west, like, but it’s also it wraps up everything. It’s all of it. It’s the end. And that’s to be continued.

William Mount  23:17

Fair. And then the longest running podcast that I currently have that will get around to it. It’s called, we’ll get around to finishing it. It’s just everybody’s had a big life changes in the last six, eight years. It’s called podcast and a half shell. Podcast

Tim Fulton  23:31

and a half shell. Yeah, that’s obviously Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all the culture that goes around it.

William Mount  23:37

We recap the cartoon show, but then like, talk about like, comic books. No,

Tim Fulton  23:41

we do the movies.

William Mount  23:42

We will we will we plan on eventually getting into the movies. And like I said, right, like, so far since we started it. There’s been marriages, there’s been moving. There’s been people having kids, like, you know what I mean? It’s one of those things where it’s just so

Tim Fulton  23:54

similar to the max which is saved by the bell like it is sequential.

William Mount  24:00

Episodic, like commentary and stuff like that. So, recap.

Tim Fulton  24:04

How do you feel about Seth Rogan’s?

William Mount  24:06

I loved it, cartoon. You guys good? Good, great. It was fun.

Tim Fulton  24:12

Cool. So have you monetize at all like, this is just a passion project sponsor

William Mount  24:19

still been a passion project? I do have a sponsor now. But it’s not gonna get money for it. It’s like, oh, you know, they give you mics? No. Okay, so I do, you’re gonna know what if you hear any of the podcast is from, uh, West. Oh, okay. And so they reached out and they’re like, hey, we’ll just do like a ticket thing. If you want a ticket to a show. I was like, yeah, that works. Yep. So

Tim Fulton  24:38

they’re a great sponsor. Yeah. Yeah, they used to sponsor like trivia nights I would do and like, Yeah, they’d be like, here’s a dozen tickets. Feel free to keep to. Yeah, we give them away. Right?

William Mount  24:47

Yeah, it’s one of those things where like, I don’t like ethics involved with stuff like that, that I’m like, I need to. I’m not a journalist, but I want to still have that integrity to it. Or it’s like Hey, I’m not making any money on any of this. Yeah, because it’s a passion project. Now I am bringing in sponsors, but that isn’t paying for anything other than like, somebody. And it’s not just me that you it’s like anybody that’s on the podcast network, I’ve been able to be like, Hey, I know you’re interested in the show coming up. Do you want to reach out to me if I can get you a ticket? Yeah, that’d be great. Yeah. And that’s it. Well,

Tim Fulton  25:16

isn’t that similar to like, hear an editor like, that is also the publisher like, Hey, we got a sponsor for the podcast. Here’s your cut. Yeah. And it’s like, I’m not gonna tell you what to record. But like, if it could be in line with kind of what the sponsor does, right, like longtime listeners, like Morsi used to be a sponsor. And so we would talk about like city development issues and stuff like that. Not necessarily with Morsi directly, right. Yeah,

William Mount  25:43

I would love more advertisers. Advertisers only, only just because I love making ads. Okay, I like making weird dumb ads. Okay, an old podcast not not around anymore, because the CO has moved to Montana. Called set boners.

Tim Fulton  26:01

Set. Sup? Sup sup boners owners? Okay. Was a growing pains

William Mount  26:12

No, it was just a bullshit podcast. But you know, just bullshitting. But we did we did ads for the rattling house soda. Okay. And which I think you can still use the code. If you’re able to find the episode and listen to it. I heard it didn’t expire. But we got to, we got to cut an episode or an ad for one of their CBD drinks or ginger. Okay. It was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. It’s like, let me let me just create ads for people. Yeah. In my podcast room, let me say something dumb. But like, I’ll still promote your stuff. Like, to me it’s just super fun and not

Tim Fulton  26:44

paid for it.

William Mount  26:45

I don’t care.

Tim Fulton  26:46

Okay. There’s a guy in New York City who like goes around and sees signs that are like poorly made or hand drawn? And he goes home and like professionally designed a new sign and then just replaces it. Oh, doesn’t tell him he’s doing it. Yeah, everything from like a lost dog sign to like a year. Oh, Stan. Okay. It sounds like you’re doing that.

William Mount  27:09

No, that guy sounds like he’s doing something good.

Tim Fulton  27:14

I mean, you’re better than an ankle. For sure. Yeah. And you know how to edit. Yeah, I know what you’re doing here.

William Mount  27:20

I send I send average, I you know, I’d send it to you ahead of time you

Tim Fulton  27:24

approve of before? Yeah. And so I’m gonna go like crazy here. And so then do you pay attention to your listenership? No, never. Okay.

William Mount  27:32

That’s also probably part of why like, I’m not great at the business side of things. Okay. That stuff would just, I don’t like promoting it. Yeah, I feel like I’m annoying people.

Tim Fulton  27:41

So do you feel like, and there’s nothing wrong with it? Yeah. But I think somebody would say, Well, why are you doing it? If you don’t know if anybody’s listening to it for fun, man? it well. And I think the point that I would make is that not everybody who paints shows their work. Exactly. Right. Yeah, like, but interestingly, you’re at least the

William Mount  28:07

bus town sounds at best and sounds on Instagram. Sorry,

Tim Fulton  28:10

your sounds of bus sound. The sounds of bus town podcast is promoting someone else? Yeah. And so do you feel like you have some obligation to them to

William Mount  28:23

let everybody know, upfront? I’m gonna post this on the Friday that drops. I’m gonna give you a 62nd clip that you can use and share with you. I’ll send it to you can do your thing. Yeah. And then outside of that, it’s kinda up to the world like this. Okay, who promote the podcast some people don’t like it’s one of the

Tim Fulton  28:39

people in need. They’re using it as a tool, right? Yeah.

William Mount  28:43

And that’s why I’m, to me, it’s like I created the thing. What you do with it is your it’s up to you, right? The way I’ve always looked at podcasting is like, it’s a fun thing that I’m enjoying. Getting to do it, right. If people want to listen and watch it as well. Hey, great, that’s great. Okay, but I’m not like out here knocking down doors, trying to get people to listen, I’m not forcing anybody. I know. One of my things.

Tim Fulton  29:06

I mean, so to be clear, like you have more reviews on your podcast than I do. Oh, do I? Yeah. But also yes, certainly you’ve been but like orders of magnitude. I knew only. By the way, this is a reminder, please go review rate and review the confluence cast.

William Mount  29:25

First off, it should be an automatic five stars because that banger theme song? Oh, I Yes. I meant to tell you I listen to all my podcasts now. Not all of them, but most of them on 1.5 because they’re like, three hours long. I never listen to yours at that speed. Because I need I need to hear that. That theme song

Tim Fulton  29:41

Robinson for that. I gave him very little direction, but I gave him specific you

William Mount  29:49

know the story. I think you might have told me one time I

Tim Fulton  29:52

told him I wanted something that was instrumental had a lot of bass and sounded like nikecourt

William Mount  29:58

Yeah, it’s the It’s perfect. Yeah, you can’t get

Tim Fulton  30:01

there’s a transition bumpers are good. Like it’s yeah, it’s solid. He did a great job. Shut up. And do you think you will keep doing podcasts? Like there’s just no

William Mount  30:14

part of me wants to I’ve already thought of like three other podcasts that I jokingly Wow. Okay, so yesterday for the complete Mr. Bean’s

Tim Fulton  30:26

was that you that? I said yes it was that I saw that. And

William Mount  30:30

so I made a joke was $9 or something was yeah, it was incredible. I was looking through like the tops of stuff. I’m like, Why is Mr. Bean the number one spot and is like, Oh, $9 that’s pretty fun for the entire the entire series. So I might have made a joke on Twitter about coming 2025 Being there seeing that Mr. Bean recap.

Tim Fulton  30:51

Oh, that’s good. Being there seen that? Will you? Do you ever like gut check? Like, has somebody already done this? Um,

William Mount  31:02

I do usually look it up to see if there’s something similar. Yeah. I mean, we did it when we were doing our time travel one and there already other time travel stuff. Yeah, it was like, whatever. Yeah. So it gets like when I did the sounds of buss down there weren’t any other music podcasts at the time. Coincidentally, one release three days before we released our first episode. And then from then there’s been like one or two kind of out there as well. And I always tell people, I guess on my show, I’m like, Hey, like these other people’s, for more promotions of like that. Yeah, they’ll have you on the show

Tim Fulton  31:29

as well. And they don’t exist anymore. So I mean, it’s a lot to produce a podcast, right? Absolutely. And like one thing, someday, I’m gonna write a book, maybe a couple.

William Mount  31:41

But like, I’ll listen to the audio of

Tim Fulton  31:45

the book I want to write it’s a business book, or like maybe like a life’s life. Business. See, it’s efficient life book cool. The general metaphor riding through it is like, you can have as many cats as you want. And I think I’m going to change that to animals, pets. Fair enough. Because what I used to say is you can have as many cats as you want, but you have to feed every single one of them. You can’t write a whole book on that. So I’m going to change the pets and then add in like, you have to really train them. You have to keep them in your backyard. You How do you bring them out into the world? And like it’s basically like, don’t take too much on don’t get another social media profile, just because yeah, you want to don’t spread yourself too thin, right? How do you manage that?

William Mount  32:34

I try to make sure that you know, everybody’s on the same page with whom recording with, you know what I mean? Like, not only bust him, you know, all the other podcasts and stuff like that. So basically, there’s like dedicated days, like, okay, Thursdays at 830. I’m going to record the max with Julian, because we’re just going to jump on Zoom. Yeah. And we’ll have already watched the episode earlier that day or a couple days before and we’re just gonna spit ball it for a little bit. The whiskey one dreams a jams is a little harder, because there’s three other people and we all live, you know, we’re spread out. Okay. You know, I’m in Delaware ones in Columbus once it can now Winchester, the other ones even further out than that. So it’s like harder for that one. And that one we shoot for? Trying to shoot for 26 episodes a year, but it’s like, Okay, two of the members are in the band. Yeah. So they’re, you know, now that they’ve picked back up, it’s been harder. So yeah, scheduling that when I have to, like, let that go that I’m not going to have an episode for that one all the time. And then the other ones are just like when when can we do it? The screentime. One has been every week, but that’s just because my wife and I are literally right, super easy. This that’s the easiest one. Sometimes it’s hard to watch the horror movie, but for the most part, it’s the easiest one. And

Tim Fulton  33:48

do you and you’re not huge? Yes. You personally are on social media, but like your for the podcasts and stuff. You’re kind of just cranking it out. You got your template, it put the thing up and then are you do you host through Lipson,

William Mount  34:03

yeah. Okay. Tried and True. I don’t think I could ever go away from it. Okay, so do they provide stats? Oh, yeah, they do. So good. You pay for it. Okay, there’s a tear where they don’t and some of them mine, the ones that I’m cranking out that are like, I’ve also got very efficient with because they used to charge by like pricing of size of file, or like how much now it’s time. Okay, so they got my loophole on that where I was like, Oh, I can make this this sound real good at a real small file size, right? We pretty long. But now they’ve kind of circumvented that. But they do still have like stats and everything like that. Yeah, if you’re if you’re getting into pocket podcasting, if anybody is listening to this and going I want to do a podcast. Okay, Lipson, just li B sy. n.com.

Tim Fulton  34:44

Well, and I will shout out to blueberry, blueberry as well, but I Yeah, that’s what you use you had was was based in Columbus. Yeah. So anything else you wanted to talk about?

William Mount  34:56

No, I just want to say thanks for having me on here. If it’s not one of the

Tim Fulton  35:00

well, I’m going to wrap up with my final two questions as I normally do. So

William Mount  35:05

I get my plugs one more time. One more time, June 21, six 8pm at the rambling house, that’s 310 East Hudson Street. Free, free show that sounds Abbas town and dreams jams. I’m really hoping a lot of people come out for James James because it’s our first one. Okay. So I’m pretty excited about that. And then loud cat podcast is the podcast network, find it wherever you get your podcasts. And I say that and somebody is going to comment on this video and be like, you don’t have it for potato bun or whatever. There’s always 9 million podcast apps that I’ve never heard of. Okay, that as soon as I tried to promote on something new, somebody’s like, well, it’s not on this. And I’m like, Hold on, let

Tim Fulton  35:41

me submit my

William Mount  35:44

like, listen, just modify your apple. What’s happening? Yes.

Tim Fulton  35:49

I end every interview with the same two questions. One, what do you think Columbus is doing? Well,

William Mount  35:54

well, let me talk. I’ll just the Columbus music scene. Okay. is phenomenal. I wouldn’t have been able to do this podcast this long without it. Yeah. A lot of great musicians, a lot of talented people around town. And just the diversity in sounds. Yeah. is phenomenal.

Tim Fulton  36:11

And what do you think Columbus is not doing so well.

William Mount  36:19

I’ll stick to my realm. I would say they could do a better job of promote, like building the scene up. And then I know that GCAC gives out grants, which is great. Yeah. But I feel like the city has something here that they’re squandering Columbus to me is I was just thinking this on the way here. Whenever I go to another city, I feel like I’m in a big city. I feel like I’m in a city, I should say, Welcome to Columbus. I don’t know if it’s just because I come here all the time, or what I’m walking downtown. It’s okay. Like, yeah, I love Columbus. Don’t get me wrong. But I feel like it doesn’t have an identity. And I feel like the music could be an identity. It has an identity and a college team. Yep. But I could care less about that. Sorry, everybody listening. It’s just one of those things where I feel like they’re kind of squandering something here that might slip away from them. If they don’t manage it better. So that’s fine. There’s already tools in place. I just feel like it’s, it’s right there. They just got to ended up better.

Tim Fulton  37:22

That’s fair. Billy, thanks for your time. Thank you, Tim. Thank you for listening to the confluence cast presented by Columbus underground. Again, you can get more information on what we discussed today in the show notes for this episode of The confluence cast.com. Please rate subscribe, share this episode of The confluence cast with your friends, family, contacts, enemies, your favorite podcast or if you’re interested in sponsoring the confluence cast get in touch with us. We can be reached by email at info at the confluence cast.com Our theme music was composed by Benji Robinson. Our producer is Philip Cogley. I’m your host, Tim Fulton. Have a great week.