Author: Tim Fulton

Columbus Comedy Festival

Good comedy is a reflection of society. Next month, for five days, over 150 comedians will grace ten stages throughout the city for the inaugural Columbus Comedy Festival. On the occasion of the upcoming event, I sat down with Walker Evans, co-founder of Columbus Underground and the Comedy Festival, and Hannah Romes, co-owner of Hashtag Comedy. We discussed the impetus for and execution of the festival, the opportunities in the Columbus comedy scene, and their focus on increasing public awareness of the city’s abundant talent.

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Donatos CEO Tom Krouse

Every piece is important. For Tom Krouse, the outgoing CEO of Donatos Pizza, this tagline is more than just a catchphrase. With his departure this fall, we sat down to discuss his journey at Donatos. We’ll explore the key strategies behind their expansion, including the decision to focus on franchising and the early adoption of online ordering technology.

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Doodles & Digits

Passions can take you on different paths. That’s true for Carolyn Farkas who transformed her passion for teaching into a successful series on PBS. We sat down to discuss her journey, the future of education, the need for engaging and relevant learning experiences, and the importance of better communication and collaboration between parents, teachers, and the community as a whole.

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OpenDoor Women’s Recovery Alliance

Personal struggles can open our eyes to the needs of others. That is true for Tammy Adler Foeller, the co-founder of OpenDoor Women’s Recovery Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women transitioning out of incarceration or drug treatment. Tammy and I discuss her personal journey navigating her daughter’s battle with addiction, how it inspired her to help others, the organization’s volunteer-based support system, and where they are in their journey to grow capacity and combat stigma for those affected by the opioid epidemic.

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