Author: Tim Fulton

Cleve Ricksecker

With the threat of protests and the coronavirus raging, what’s going to happen to downtown Columbus? On the occasion of his recent retirement, we spoke with the former executive director of the two downtown special improvement districts, Cleve Ricksecker, about the state of downtown, why he retired, and why Columbus needs a screamer.

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Matter News

What makes news in Columbus? From gentrification to policing to protests, Matter News is approaching issues with an appraoch meant to build trust while avoiding bias. In this week’s episode, Matter News’ Editor in Chief, Jaelynn Grisso, talks about their non-profit structure, how they choose and execute their coverage, and the importance of objectivity in reporting. SHOWNOTES Matter News Ohio Capital Journal episode Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University News Match This episode of The Confluence Cast is sponsored by Gateway Film Center, a nonprofit cinema committed to storytellers and amplifying the impact of their work in our community....

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Cartoonist Jeff Smith

The work of an artist isn’t much different from other pursuits. You have to plan, react to change, and it doesn’t hurt if you’re in the right place at the right time. This week, we talk with cartoonist and one of the organizers of Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, Jeff Smith, to discuss the origins of his character Bone, the importance of getting buy-in to those that you’re accountable to, what it was like to have Bone get picked up by Netflix, and what the virtual Cartoon Crossroads Columbus will look like this year. Shownotes Jeff Smith Cartoon Crossroads Columbus Previous Confluence Cast...

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Can’t Stop Columbus

In this time of consistent change and challenge, we look at how the Columbus community is standing up. Can’t Stop Columbus is a community-wide movement that tries to address some of the problems that have arisen due to the COVID-19 crisis. Co-organizer Mackenzie King joins us to discuss how the organization got started, how they’ve scaled up to 56 projects, and the importance of being authentic in their endeavors. Shownotes Can’t Stop Columbus Smart Columbus Columbus Partnership Give Back Hack Support Columbus Eats COSI Teachback Code for America Columbus Foundation Support this week comes from the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival. While recognizing...

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Behind the Hyperloop Hype

When is Columbus getting a hyperloop?! Reporter Brent Warren spoke with MORPC’s Director of Transportation & Infrastructure Development, Thea Ewing, to discuss where things stand with plans for the hyperloop, what’s holding Columbus back from having mass transit, and the importance of redundancies in technology; including transportation. Shownotes Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) MORPC’s Leadership Team COTA West Central Ohio Port Authority John Kasich Ted Strickland Virgin Hyperloop Roundup of hyperloop stories on Columbus Underground Columbus Crossroads Project Federal Railroad Administration US Department of Transportation Pathways to Transportation of the Future The Confluence Cast is sponsored by The Mid-Ohio Regional...

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