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Candidate Farxaan Jeyte

Today, Farxaan Jeyte, candidate for Columbus City Council District Five, discusses his background, how he believes council can help better the city’s distressed neighborhoods, and the value of having a representative in each district.

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Candidate Emmanuel Remy

Today, Emmanuel Remy, incumbent and candidate for Columbus City Council District Four, discusses his work as a neighborhood advocate, the importance of a diverse council, and the appointment process that has defined council for so long.

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Candidate Luis Gil

Luis Gil, candidate for District Two, is the only candidate running this November for a seat on Columbus City Council that identifies as a Republican. And while the race is nonpartisan, that connection to the conservative party has become increasingly rare in races for local public offices over the past decade.

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Candidate Shannon Hardin

In the first interview among Columbus candidates for fall 2024, Council President Shannon Hardin sat down to discuss the state of council today, what successes and regrets he is reflecting on, and his vision for what’s next in Columbus. 

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2023 Columbus Candidates

In anticipation of this fall’s election, the Confluence Cast is endeavoring to introduce Columbus voters to the twelve council and two mayoral candidates, in their own words. As an introduction, I sat down with Columbus Underground Co-Founder Walker Evans to discuss the interviews, what listeners can expect, and offer a preview of the throughlines for how candidates think about the future of Columbus.

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Columbus City Council Residential Districts

Five years after approving a restructuring of Columbus City Council, voters this fall will see an expanded council where members reside in geographic districts but one that remains largely the same in terms of who sits in the chamber. This week, Columbus Underground Co-Founder Walker Evans discusses the change, the lack of participation in the races, and a new resource for columbusites to explore their respective districts.

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Eastland Mall

Eastland Mall, once a thriving hub of retail activity in Columbus, has closed its doors for good. Historian Doug Motz takes a look back at the history of the mall and examines its impact on the local community, the retail industry, and the city as a whole. We also discuss the political fights that have always followed developments in Columbus and the need to look at the plan for the neighborhood now that Eastland is gone.

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