Author: Tim Fulton

Host and Creator Dino Tripodis

Today’s guest, longtime host, writer, comedian, and filmmaker Dino Tripodis has a creative journey that is uniquely his own, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our conversation here takes an eagle-eye view of his career path, the value of being a multi-hyphenate creator, his approach to creativity, and the importance of authenticity.

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Journalist, Legislator, and Author Michael Curtin

From context comes an understanding of everything.

Today’s guest, well-known Central Ohio journalist, politician, and author Michael Curtin, seems to have understood that from his early days as a reporter to his time as a legislator.

In our interview, Mike discusses his career, the future of journalism, the importance of compromise, and how we view issues largely depends on the vantage point with which we view them.

Our conversation provides an understanding that context is not just about seeing the bigger picture. It’s about appreciating the stories, decisions, and efforts that create that picture.

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Franklinton’s Past, Present and Future

Shared experience enhances our sense of space.

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to attend the annual Franklinton Board of Trade Gala, held at COSI.

That night’s keynote speaker was the well-known Central Ohio journalist, legislator, and author Michael Curtin. His remarks that evening struck a chord with me, and I asked him to recite them again here for Confluence Cast listeners.

Mike’s speech touches on the impact Franklinton had on him, the local figures who ascended in their careers despite humble beginnings, and the role that Franklinton has had in molding the broader Columbus community.

I hope this episode instills in listeners what it did for me: A greater sense of the city’s rich history and our opportunity to find a place in that history.

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October News Roundup

Can a city that doesn’t know it’s history properly tell its own story? This week, I sat down with Columbus Underground staffers Walker Evans and Susan Post to discuss what’s been going on in the capital city. We talked about the upcoming election, new and upcoming restaurants, the relevance of history in reporting, and the city’s changing retail landscape.

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Candidate Andrew Ginther

Mayor Andrew Ginther is ready for round three. After serving the city of Columbus from the top political position for the past eight years, he’s ready for four more. In today’s interview, Ginther talks more about police reform, housing development, zoning updates, and economic development.

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