Author: Tim Fulton

Crawford Hoying

The test of an organization is how it responds to adversity. Such was true for development organization Crawford Hoying during the recession. With multiple developments built and thriving since then, principals Brent Crawford and Bob Hoying sat down with Columbus Underground reporter Brent Warren to discuss how a chance meeting in the late 1990’s led to a partnership that endures today, how difficult times led to positive momentum, and how to make sure that Columbus is growing in the right way. Shownotes Crawford Hoying Bridge Park The Lane Updox Fore!Fest Bridge Park Farmers Market The Heights at Worthington Place...

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Ohio v. the World

Ohio’s place in history is often relegated to a few events or trivial facts. Local attorney Alex Hastie and his podcast, Ohio v. the World, are seeking to change that. With in-depth interviews on Ohio’s influence on our society, Hastie digs deep to show his love of history and his home state. We sat down to talk about the podcast got started, why it’s important, and his plans for the future… of history. Shownotes Ohio v. the World The Ohio Presidents Keynesian Economics OutaTim Billy Milligan Daniel Keyes Eliot Ness Ohio History Connection Ohio History Center Ohio–Champion of Sports...

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COTA’s Joanna Pinkerton

With nearly a year in to her role as president and CEO of COTA, Joanna Pinkerton sat down with Columbus Underground reporter Brent Warren to talk about how she came in to her role, the interdependence of mobility in Columbus, mobility as a service, the state of affairs at COTA, and where they’re going. Shownotes COTA Joanna Pinkerton Department of Transportation Center for Automotive Research Honda/OSU Partnership Transportation Research Center Incorporated Smart Columbus Steiner & Associates MORPC C-PASS Program The Confluence Cast is sponsored by The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) featuring stories about local and regional partners that...

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Muralist Adam Hernandez

Being a working artist isn’t easy. Thankfully, there are plenty of folks in Columbus to show you the way. Muralist Adam Hernandez talks about how he found his way here, the importance of mentors, and being a “real” person in business. Shownotes Adam Hernandez Art Makes Columbus profile Theme song episode Mysterioso Rock Art P3 Magic Theater Erik Tate episode Stephanie Rond episode Blockfort episode Art and Artists of 614 Facebook group Denmark on High Triad Architects Harmony Project Gravity Project Eduardo Kobra Kaufman Development episode Dude Locker Worst Kept Secret Fest Wexner Center for the Arts 934 Gallery...

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Barbara Fant

Slam brought poetry out of academia in the early 1990s. Since then it has grown and become an outlet for performers around the globe. Local poet and performance artist Barbara Fant sat down to talk about the finer workings of the medium and her evolution in it. We also focused on the importance of mentors, the difference between writing and performance, her volunteer work, how to deal with burning out, and what it’s like to share very personal work on stage. Shownotes Barbara Fant Columbus Makes Art profile Sunni Patterson Ohio Dominican Poetry Slam on Wikipedia TEDx Talk William...

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