Author: Tim Fulton

67: The Confluence Cast

With a little over two years of episodes out in the world, it’s high time to give a little more behind the scenes on how the Confluence Cast gets made. This is a rebroadcast of an episode I recorded with local podcast the Sounds of Bustown. They interviewed me about where the the Confluence Cast came from, what the goals for it are, and how the show gets made. Shownotes The Confluence Cast The Sounds of Bustown Loud Cat Podcasts Amy Schmittaur The One You Feed Nina West DragCast Columbus Podcast Festival Create Columbus Commission The Columbus City Charter...

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66: The Matriots

Elected officials should reflect their constituencies. That’s the essential thesis of the Matriots, an Ohio nonpartisan political action committee founded by a group of women who participated in the Women’s March on Washington. I sat down with their executive director, Elissa Schneider, to talk about the organization and their big hairy audacious goal of equal representation of women in public office. Shownotes Matriots Women’s March on Washington Ohio General Assembly Ohio Senate Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android |...

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65: Magician Erik Tait

Magicians guard an empty vault. Columbus-based magician and comedian Erik Tait won’t hesitate to show you that. We talked this week about the Columbus magic scene that you may not have heard of, his path in the local and national magic scene, and the importance of intellectual property for performers. Shownotes Erik Tait Erik on Penn & Teller Fool Us Humber College Erik’s trick on Penguin Magic International Brotherhood of Magicians Cincinatti Fringe Festival Champions of Magic Tour Magi Fest Penn & Teller on This American Life Amber Falter The Quiz Box Shadowbox Live The Garden Theater Nikki Winkelman...

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64: Columbus Open Studio & Stage

How do artists work, both alone and together? I sat down with organizer and artist Stephanie Rond to preview this weekend’s Columbus Open Studio and Stage and learn how she herded cats to get here. Shownotes Stephanie Rond Stephanie Rond on Columbus Makes Art Carnegie Gallery Columbus Open Studio & Stage Art Makes Columbus Bryan Christopher Moss April Sunami Brick Box Studios Tom Katzenmeyer Gantt Charts! This Confluence Cast episode is sponsored by Art Makes Columbus, Columbus Makes Art, featuring stories about our city’s incredible artists — stories full of inspiration, challenge, passion, and success. For videos, articles, an up-to-the-minute...

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63: Dominique Larue

How can women break in to male-dominated fields? In the case of hip-hop artist and rapper Domenique Larue, they just do it. We sat down to discuss how she got started, how she creates her work, the music business, and dealing with depression and anxiety. Enjoy the interview and a sampling of her music.   SHOWNOTES Dominique Larue Columbus Makes Art Fort Hayes MEC Veteran’s Memorial BHB Hip Hop Expo Transit Arts Jim Maneri Spacebar Flypaper Blueprint Rehab Tavern Skully’s Trism Club Voodoos Strongwater Comfest 2×2 Hip-Hop Festival Independents’ Day TEDxColumbus This Confluence Cast episode is sponsored by Art Makes...

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