Author: Tim Fulton

Visitor Satisfaction in Columbus

On the occasion of Columbus being named the highest in visitor satisfaction in the midwest by JD Power and Associates, host Tim Fulton moderated a panel at the Columbus Metropolitan Club to discuss the study, its impact, and how Columbus can capitalize on it.

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Six Word Memoirs

We all want to tell stories. Larry Smith, the creator of Six Word Memoirs helps people do that. We sat down to talk about the project, Larry’s background as a journalist and storyteller, and why he and his wife, noted author Piper Kerman, choose Columbus as their home.

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Columbus Neighborhoods: The Hilltop

To kick off our neighborhoods series, we’re starting with one of Columbus’ largest, the Hilltop. On the occasion of their newly completed Camp Chase Trail,  Jody Dzuranin and Betty Jaynes sat down to discuss the new trail, the renaissance that they’re fighting for on the Hilltop, some of the sensitivities and perceptions that the westside faces, and what they’re doing to demonstrate the buying power of the neighborhood.

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Crafty in Columbus

This week, we explore the craft scene in Columbus with maker maven Megan Green who heads up the Midwest Craft Con and Craftin’ Outlaws. It’s a discussion about the business of craft, the many hats you wear in business, and the plethora of offerings the Columbus craft community has to offer.

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