Author: Tim Fulton

34: Singer-Songwriter T.Wong

Three years ago, Columbus-native Stefan Thomas passed the bar, became an attorney, and embarked on a musical career as T.Wong. Having released four collections of polished work and worked with producers and industry professionals around the country, he’s certainly on his way up. On the eve of his next album, we discussed his work, his process, and the opportunities that the Columbus art scene offers. Shownotes T.Wong on the web Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | SoundCloud Stefan Thomas at Thomas Ingram Law Group Renee Dion Forest & the Evergreens Jonathan Baker Christon Gray Vada Azeem Comfest’s hip-hop solution (Columbus Alive)...

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33: Create Columbus Commission

This week, we’re talking about young professionals in Columbus. Specifically, the Create Columbus Commission. The group was originally chartered by Mayor Michael B. Coleman ten year ago to provide guidance on how to attract and retain young professionals to Columbus. Their grant program is in full swing for the year, with opportunities for social enterprise organizations, ideas, and artists to get monies to see their concepts come to fruition. I spoke with the commissions chair, Jordan Davis about the grant program and the importance of the commission. We also touched on why young professionals need and deserve and a seat at the...

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32: Tech Elevator

The disparity between the tech job openings in Columbus and qualified candidates to fill them is vast. To help bridge that gap, coding bootcamps have been popping up around town. Tech Elevator co-founder and CEO Anthony Hughes talks about their program, who may be interested in it, and what makes Columbus a good market for them. Shownotes Tech Elevator Rev1 Ventures Drive Capital Skills Fund IC Stars Smart Cities CoverMyMeds Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android |...

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31: Department of Neighborhoods

As we embark on our semi-regular neighborhoods series, we went to the person tasked with creating a one-stop shop for neighborhoods to access city-government services. In this week’s episode, Director Carla Williams-Scott discusses the various functions of the Department of Neighborhoods, the impetus for it, and what opportunities she sees in the diversity of our city’s neighborhoods and the disparity between them. Shownotes: Department of Neighborhoods Director Carla Williams-Scott 311 Community Relations Commission Neighborhood Pride Neighborhood Liaison Program The Confluence Cast is sponsored by Chepri, a full-service web and mobile development company, specializing in design and programming services. Defined through skill and...

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30: Angela Perley

On the occasion of their upcoming showcase at SXSW, I sat down with Angela Perley of Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons to talk about their career trajectory, listen to a few tracks, and discuss why she calls Columbus home. Shownotes: Angela Perley & the Howlin’ Moons Spotify Vital Companies Music Videos: “Athens” | “White Doves” | “Electric Flame“ Atomic Music Group Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android |...

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